Our drinks

A man who drinks only water has a secret to hide from his fellow men. – Charles Baudelaire

We heard stories of several wine-dressers and brewer. We explored different breweries of Treviso and Franciacorta, and all the way to Piemonte’s and Veneto’s wine cellars.

Not the usual happy hour. If you ask for a Spritz we suggest 8 of them: from the original Select  to the BIO pomegranate one.

But, most of all, from 7pm with our happy hour, you have 15% discount on every book you buy! 


32 Via dei Birrai 75 cl: Curmi, Audace, Nebra, Admiral, Oppale, 3+2
Curtense 50 cl: Brixia Ambrata, Brixia Nera, Brixia Rossa.
Curtense KMZero 50 cl
La Bassa 33 cl


Prosecco Nanni Rizzi
Lugana Ca dei Frati
San Giovese Noelia Ricci

Classico Aperol con Arancia
Classico Campari con oliva
Liscio con vino bianco fermo
Bio con succo di melograno

Every month we introduce new beers and wines.