OPEN is the third place between home and office with culture as an added-value, a creative ecosystem. Giorgio Fipaldini, OPEN CEO.

An ecosystem is where living organisms connect with each other in a dynamic energy balance. In Open we created a place where people, companies and culture are connected together in a dynamic relationship.

We believe in the value of diversity which encourages creativityWe meet the needs of small and big companies, students to embrace a new vision of holistic marketing.

demands of small and big companies Infatti, assecondiamo le esigenze di piccole e grandi aziende, di professionisti, di studenti e di persone per una nuova visione di marketing olistico.

This is a fluid space concept that has the capacity to adapt to people necessities: from retail, with the bookstore and bistrot, to business services, with events, meeting rooms and coworking area.


1. Stay OPEN: a mind is like a book. It doesn’t work if it is not open.

2. Stay GIVER: in an ecosystem altruism will be rewarded.

3. Stay CURIOUS: follow your curiosity and distance yourself from cliches.

4. Stay EXPLORER: explore your passions and you will discover you talent.

5. Stay CREATIVE: cultivate your creative spirit.


In a 1000 mq. space we welcome more than 1500 people per week. We host 30 events per month for 250 companies per year. We share ideas and projects of more than 500 coworkers and students. Every year we listen to almost 150 stories of different authors.

We feed our minds with more than 5000 books and dozens of Apps. We also feed our body with more than 3000 deliciousness. 

We celebrate birthdays for 250 guests. And November 20th will be our third birthday.